Crazy Things that Get Stuck In People’s Butts


If something gets stuck in your ass it means either you or someone else put it there.

The following are a couple of unusual things doctors had to remove from aching bottoms.

Vibrator And Salad Tongs

Vibrator stuck in the ass

A man ended up in the emergency room with a vibrator and salad tongs stuck in his anus.

The incident unfolded after a man stuck a vibrator so far up his ass that he could not pull it out.  So what did he do?  Stuck salad tongs up his ass as well in an effort to retrieve the lodged dildo. The man was not successful in his efforts and had to have doctors remove both the salad tongs and vibrator for him.


Cell Phone

cell phone stuck in lawyer's ass kept ringing

A Georgia lawyer was showering with his cel lphone when he slipped and the phone lodged itself in his rectum.  The phone rang several times when it was still in his ass.  During the removal surgery, the phone continued to ring, three times in fact, so the surgical team regularly stopped in order to try and silence the ringing and laugh their asses off.  I am surprised the did not give him a quick anal tattoo of a cell phone with a dash running through it.


 Jelly Jar Up The Ass

Jelly jar stuck in the ass

Another slip and fall case (yeah right).  this one involves a 65 year old man who allegedly slipped and the jar got stuck up his ass.  He told the doctors that he slipped and fell while bathing his dog.


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