Canadian Cannibal Copy Cat Killer?
Severed Body Parts Found In Canada


Is there a second “Luka Magnotta” ?  Is there a second “Canadian Cannibal” roaming the woods of  Ontario looking people to dismember and eat?  It could all be happening again.

Police searching for additional body parts left behind by the Canadian Psycho Cannibal Copycat Killer

A woman’s head, two hands and a foot have been found in a park in Ontario. This follows the discovery of a woman’s head and foot, with painted toenails, in the Credit River in Mississauga, Ontario.  Police said it was not clear if the left and right hands were from the same person, but that is most likely the case.

The discovery of the body parts are very remeniscent  of the Canadian Psycho Cannibal case where Chinese student Jun Lin, was murdered, dismembered and eaten in Montreal.  Police do not believe there is any connection with the Canadian Psycho Cannibal case.  Luka Magnotta was arrested in June after body parts were mailed to schools and political parties, sparking an international manhunt.  He is currently in custody in Canada after pleading not guilty to murder.

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Luka Magnotta, The Canadian Cannibal, killed, dismembered and then ate parts of his victim Jun Lin




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