Miami Cannibal Attack Zombie Rudy Eugene Joins the Ranks of Famous Cannibals (Part 1)


Miami Cannibal Attack Zombie Rudy Eugene is the latest cannibal to to capture world news and the imagination of those that believe the world is heading to a Zombie Apocalypse. Rudy Eugene is part of a long history of Cannibal Zombie predators that have been discovered over the years walking among us in “civilized” centers around the world.  The list of famous cannibals is long and equally as disturbing as the documented Miami Cannibal Attack.  Here are a few of the most famous documented cases.

Albert Fish

From Wikipedia

Known as the Gray Man, the Werewolf of Wysteria, and the Brooklyn Vampire among others, Albert Fish (born in 1870) was a pedophile and cannibal. He admitted to drinking the blood of his victims and cooking their parts with specific recipes he shared with authorities. Albert Fish’s first known victim, was in 1924.

Miami Cannibal attack Famous Cannibals Albert Fish

Albert Fish developed the first known “Cannibal Cookbook”  with recipes for cooking and eating his victims

He confessed to molesting more than four hundred children over twenty years and is believed to have murdered somewhere between six and fifteen children.  Psychiatrist Frederick Wertham described Fish as looking like “a meek and innocuous little old man, gentle and benevolent, friendly and polite. If you wanted someone to entrust your child to, he would be the one you would choose”. Fish’s most infamous murder is that of a little girl whose flesh he cut into strips, cooked with carrots, onions, and strips of bacon. Wertham described how Fish’s account of the culinary process was “like a housewife describing her favorite methods of cooking. You had to remind yourself that this was a little girl he was talking about”.

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