Jun Lin’s Mother Feels Sympathy For Canadian Psycho Cannibal Luka Magnotta


Your son is killed, butchered and eaten and you still have sympathy for the devil cannibal that did this?  Well that is exactly what cannibal victim Jun Lin’s mom said about Canadian Psycho Cannibal Luka Magnotta.

new pictures Jun Lin Canadian Cannibal killing

Zhigui Du spoke out after her son’s funeral, which she was too upset to attend and said she has sympathy for Canada’s Psycho Cannibal.

From the Sun

Bereaved mum Zhigui Du said she was initially dominated by sorrow and anger after son Jun Lin’s horrific death.

But now she has begun to feel sympathy on some level for the man she calls the “devil”.

Magnotta is accused of dismembering his lover Jun, 33, in May and posting his body parts to Canadian political parties and schools.

Speaking after her son’s funeral, Ms Du said: “Back then, I could only use ‘devil’ to describe the alleged murderer.

“But later on, when I learned more about this suspect through different news sources, especially about his upbringing, I shockingly discovered my other self who has started to develop sympathy for this person.”


Sympathy For The Devil

How can you feel sympathy for the animal that does this to your son.






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