Cannibal Puppeteer Who Wanted To Kill and Eat Children Caught In Florida!


What the hell is going on in Florida?  First you have a face chewing Cannibal Zombie, then an arm chewing cannibal zombie, now a child eating Cannibal Zombie that puts on puppet shows for kids …. WTF?  What’s next a Cannibal Barney impersonator?

Child Eating Cannibal Ron Brown with his puppets

According to the Examiner

A Florida man who was a children’s entertainer allegedly had fantasies of raping, killing and eating kids. Ronald Brown, a puppeteer, was caught because he was visiting child pornography chat rooms and having graphic conversations about his urges to kill and cannibalize children. Fortunately, the chat rooms were being monitored by federal investigators as part of an investigation into a child pornography ring in Massachusetts, according to the Huffington Post, and Brown was caught.

The suspect Ronald Brown’s website Puppets Plus shows the children’s entertainer surrounded by several of his puppet creations. The site promises, “Our birthday party show will bring grins and giggles. We also can provide Cotton Candy and Sno-Cones. We can offer creative workshops for schools, scouts or any group.”

Ronald Brown allegedly told others in the child porn chat room that “he wanted to tie a child up, lock him in a closet and then eat him for Easter supper.” He also discussed a specific boy whom he wanted to murder, dismember and eat. Federal agents arrested Brown and filed a 29-page criminal complaint in a Tampa federal court. Photos of what appeared to be dead children were found during a search of Brown’s home.

The puppeteer with the alleged taste for cannibalism appeared in federal court on Tuesday, but his hearing was postponed so he could obtain representation. He is currently being held without bail, according to Tampa Bay Times.

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Ron Brown, the Florida Cannibal Puppeteer is shown here with a few of his puppets.




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