My Son Is Being Murdered Again Again — Canadian Cannibal Victim Jun Lin’s Mother Speaks Out


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The mother of Canadian Cannibal victim Jun Lin spoke described the extreme pain the family has gone through on a Canadian television show.  Zhigui Du, the mother of Jun Lin confirmed that the online video of her son being killed and dismembered is real.

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Murdered Chinese student Jun Lin’s mother Zhigui Du talks about her son on Canadian TV

‘The most unbearable pain for me is that the video got posted on the internet. People watched it over and over.  It’s like my son is being murdered again and again,” she said.

Luka Magnotta, who worked as a part time porn actor, is allegedly seen in the video killing Jun Lin and repeatedly stabbing him with an ice pick. The Jun Lin murder video continues with the Canadian Cannibal cutting up Jun Lin’s body. Jun Lin was a Chinese student at Montreal’s Concordia University and reportedly Luka Magnotta’s gay lover.  After cutting up Jun Lin’s body, Luka Magnotta ate some of Lin’s body parts.  Luka Magnotta also allegedly mailed some of Jun Lin’s body parts to  to government parties in Ottawa and to two schools in Vancouver. The head was later found in a Montreal park.

Luka Magnotta the Canadian Cannibal,  was arrested in Germany while  reading stories about himself online.

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