Luka Rocco Magnotta Facebook Fan Page Taken Down – Female Fans Disappointed


Canadian Cannibal Luka Magnotta, who is accused of killing and dismembering Jun Lin, has a legion of female fans on Facebook.  Female fans?  Who knew. Not only did Luka Magnotta kill Jun Lin (a Chinese student) but video taped the ice pick killing and cutting up Jun Lin.  Luka Magnotta also video taped acts of animal cruelty (he video taped a python eating a helpless kitten in the now famous “Python Christmas” video).


According to ABC News, girls liked the boyish looking porn star.

From ABC News


Luka Magnotta is a strange obsession for teenage girls and young women. He’s a onetime porn actor accused of murdering his gay lover, dismembering the man’s corpse, tasting it and mailing his body parts to schools and government offices in Canada.


Magnotta, 29, boyishly fresh faced and currently awaiting trial in a Montreal jail cell, has found a legion of fans and supporters online. Many of his fans are female and most are willing to look past the gruesome crimes for which he is accused.


“I spend nearly half the day reading, thinking, or writing about him,” a fan using the Facebook handle Luka Magnotta Supporter, but who identified herself as an 18-year-old student from the U.K. named Soph, told ABC News. “I worry for him, so I always have to keep myself updated about him. I’ve started having dreams about him. He is a beautiful man, but it isn’t that. I’m attracted with who is inside of him. I’ll support him no matter what.”


Dozens of websites, hosting hundreds of supporters, have popped up online in the weeks since Magnotta was arrested in Germany on June 4. Police believe he is seen in a Web video hacking a man to pieces and putting knife and fork to his flesh. He has pleaded not guilty to murdering Chinese student Jun Lin.


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