Miami Cannibal Knew Ronald Poppo!!!

Miami Cannibal Knew Ronald Poppo

Rudy Eugene (left) knew Ronald Poppo (right) through his work at a homeless shelter

Rudy Eugene, better known as the “Miami Cannibal” knew Ronald Poppo before he savagely attached him and chewed his face off. So why did the police withhold this information and not release it!

ronald Poppo lies next to the body of the Miami Cannibal

The  “Miami Cannibal Zombie,” Rudy Eugene, volunteered at a homeless shelter in the city that Ronald Poppo frequented.

Picture of Ronald Poppo’s face after his “friend” the Miami Cannibal chewed it off

According to a recently published report

Eugene and a friend, “Christian,” volunteered at the facility, and both men seemed to like Poppo personally. “Poppo seemed like a nice and kind man. I remember when we gave him food,” Christian said. This story just gets stranger and stranger. Why has it taken so long for this information to emerge? What are the police hiding? First, the authorities blamed the attack on bath salts, but it was later discovered Eugene had only marijuana in his blood stream. The next month, the United States House of Representatives voted to outlaw the controversial synthetic drug, which is widely sold in head shops. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Eugene’s girlfriend said she believes the cannibal was under a voodoo curse, because he was a kind soul who would never harm another person. He toted a Bible everyone he went, and pages from the book were found near the site of the May attack.

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