Penis Soup Eating Cannibal Cult Members Charged With Murder


Police in Papua New Guinea have arrested members of a cannibal cult accused of killing at least seven people.  The  Papua New Guinea Cannibals loved to eat their brains raw and making soup from their penises.  The Cannibal Cult group specialized in combating sex-crazed sorcerers.  Apparently in Papua New Guinea when someone dies the cause of death is not determined by a physician (in the Western sense) – but by a witch doctor.

Witch Doctors in Papua New Guinea charge around $475 cash plus a pig to tell a family member what the cause of death was …. however some of these rascally witch doctors want sex as payment as well.  Sex is what pissed off the cannibals.

“It’s against our traditional ethics and morals for a sorcerer to have intercourse with a man’s wife or teenage daughter,” said one local cult leader in the Tangi area, inland from Madang province on PNG’s northeast coast.  “That was the main cause of frustration that led to the forming of a group to hunt down sorcerers.”

In order to get super powers, the cult members hunted down the sex crazed witch doctors ate their brains and made soup out of their penises.

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Cannibals Castrate Victim to Make Penis Soup

Cannibals Castrate Victim to Make Penis Soup






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