Luka Magnotta Python Christmas Video


Do not watch the video below unless you have a strong disposition.  It is graphic and disturbing.  It is the famous “Python Christmas” video of the Canadian Psycho Cannibal Luka Magnotta feeding a poor defenseless kitten to a hungry python.  In the video, the snake strikes at the kitten, crushes it and then proceeds to eat it.

This video is a preview of things to come from Luka Magnotta and gives us a brief glimpse into his sick and demented mind.  Just like Jeffrey Dahmer, Luka Magnotta abused and trotted animals.  Luka Magnotta later video taped  his killing and dismemberment of his lover Jun Lin.

Luka Magnotta Christmas Python Video








    atleast tape the video right you fucking homosexual piece of shit.fucking faggot. i hope you fucking die in a pool of acid. bitch

  • Anonimus

    te voy a casar mal nacido……. y te voy a matar……..

  • Kiara

    They’ve been searching for this man for quite some time now, Luka Magnotta, look him up. He has several different identities, and has done way more crimes aside from animal abuse. If you ever hear, or see Luka, contact your nearby police. This man should be killed for what he’s done. He’s planning to do stuff like this, but next time, with humans. Please, help stop him. This son of a bitch should be the reason cops consider using the electric chair again.

  • Blooz

    Whoever posted 12 days ago is missing the fact that he’s already killed a man & is on trial for it here in Canada.


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