Cannabis-Induced Psychosis Triggered The Miami Cannibal Attack

Ronal Poppo Attacker suffered from cannabis induced psychosis

Miami Cannibal Rudy Eugene might have suffered from cannabis induced psychosis when he attacked Ronald Poppo

Experts now believe that Cannabis-Induced Psychosis most likely triggered the violent face-chewing Miami Zombie Cannibal attack that left Ronald Poppo disfigured for life. Several studies suggest that Cannabis-Induced Psychosis may signal schizophrenia.  Rudy Eugene, the Miami Cannibal was once diagnosed with schizophrenia, and it is not known if he sought treatment.


According to Reuters Health


People who have long-lasting psychotic episodes after smoking marijuana may be exhibiting early signs of schizophrenia, researchers reported Monday in the Archives of General Psychiatry.


“Cannabis-induced psychosis,” in which a person loses touch with reality and the symptoms persist for at least 48 hours, is an established psychiatric diagnosis, but it is controversial, Dr. Mikkel Arendt of Aarhus University in Risskov, Denmark, and colleagues note in their report. There has been little research on the condition, and doctors have a hard time distinguishing it from other psychiatric disorders or developing a specific list of symptoms by which to characterize it.


In a previous study, Arendt and colleagues found that nearly half of people who had an episode of cannabis-induced psychosis went on to develop schizophrenia within the next six years. In the current study, the researchers looked at the genetic roots of both conditions by comparing the family histories of 609 people treated for cannabis-induced psychosis and 6,476 who had been treated for schizophrenia or a related psychiatric condition.


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  • Dr.Bruton

    Just wanted to let you all know; the man was not on cannabis. He had smoked the ARTIFICIAL spice which is sold by the GOV. its and artificial THC which kills you!. Marijuana is NOT! related to this at all.

  • fuck the gov.

    how the fuck would cannabis have anything to fucking do with a guy going nuts and chewing someones face off your fucking retarded to think that when cannabis has no violent side affects just another ploy by your friend the government to stop people from realizing the truth they are trying to keep you blind open your eyes.


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