Testicle Eating Cannibal Fish Caught In Illinois!


Next time you go swimming in Lake Lou Yaeger in Illinois you better wear a a protective cup around your balls.  Fisherman have caught several fish identified as a Pacu.  The Pacu is a fish native to the Amazon, and is commonly referred to as “ball cutters” for their taste for human testicles.  The Pacu is a fish with human like teeth that can weigh over 50 pounds.

Testicle Eating Fish Invades North America


Report from KDSK TV

Although local biologists say they won’t attack humans, and they like to eat nuts, snails, and vegetation and it is ok to go in the water … their description of the fish is not entirely accurate.  According to the Daily Mail, the Pacu Fish has a reputation for castrating young fisherman, biting off and feeding on their testicles.  The  Pacu fish were most likely was dumped into the lake by exotic fish owners that could no longer care for them.

From the Daily Mail

An intrepid British angler today told how he snared a predator which kills men – by biting off their testicles.  Fearless Jeremy Wade, 53, spent weeks hunting for the fish in remote Papua New Guinea after locals reported a mysterious beast which was castrating young fishermen.  He finally unmasked the perpetrator as the Pacu fish – known locally as ‘The Ball Cutter’ – and managed to catch one in his small wooden fishing boat.

Mr Wade wrestled the 40lb monster on to the floor of his boat and opened its snapping jaws with his naked hands – to discover a jaw-dropping array of human-style teeth.  The Ball Cutter boasts an impressive set of man-like molars, which tear off the testicles of unwitting hunters, leaving them to bleed to death.

‘The bleeding was so severe that they died. The locals told me that this thing was like a human in the water, biting at the testicles of fishermen. They didn’t know what it was.

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Jeremy Wade From the TV show River Monsters with a Pacu Fish







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