Miami Zombie Cannibal Attack Caused by The Munchies?


Weed smoking zombies get the "fleshies"

Could it be that Rudy Eugene, the Miami Zombie Cannibal just had a bad case of the munchies?  According to the latest toxicology reports, the only drug that Rudy Eugene had in his system was a garden variety pot.  Nothing else.  So what caused Rudy Eugene to tear off his clothes and feed on face of Ronald Poppo?

The only thing left is that the pot triggered a unique case of flesh eating munchies.  Doctors are baffled.  Doctors have seen and treated many cases of folks that have smoked themselves into another world, and have treated individuals seriously high on marijuana for dehydration and hunger but they have never seen a case of the “flesh munchies” or as we like to call it the “fleshies”.

According to WPTV:


Rudy Eugene, the so-called Causeway Cannibal, was not on “bath salts” or any other exotic drug when he chewed off the face of a homeless man last month, according to toxicology results released last week. Tests on the 31-year-old’s body show only marijuana in his system at the time of the May 26 attack, according to the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner. Ruled out were synthetic marijuana, LSD, amphetamines, PCP, heroin, oxycodone, several other street drugs and alcohol, the ME reported in a news release. To complete its examination, the ME’s office said it sought help from an outside forensic toxicology lab. “Within the limits of current technology by both laboratories, marijuana is the only drug identified in the body of Mr. Rudy Eugene,” the ME’s office said


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This Is The Result Of A Full Out Zombie Flesh Munchies Attack

Picture of Ronald Poppo after Miami Cannibal Attack

Aftermath of a full on zombie attack. Ronald Poppo had 75% of his face chewed off.




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