Chinese Cannibal Eats Woman’s Face – Dong Eats Du


Chinese Cannibal was photographed as he ate a woman’s face.  Dong (yes that is his name ) the bus driver had been drinking and all of the sudden he felt the urge for human flesh.  Dong the Cannibal got off his bus and jumped on a woman’s car and started screaming.  The terrified woman, whose name is Du (yep that’s her name) got out of her car (dumb move) and ran. Dong (yes I am not joking that really is his name) jumped Duand started eating her face.  The whole incident was photographed.  Chinese bystanders photographed the great big Dong eating Du on a city street in south-east China.

The following are some pictures of Dong eating Du on a Chinese street.

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Photo Of Chinese Cannibal Dong Eating Woman’s Face

 Chinese Cannibal victim Du after cannibal attack

Chinese Cannibal victim photos after attack

 Photo of Chinese Cannibal “Dong” after he chewed off a woman’s face





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