Deodorant For Your Farts – Just When You thought You Have Seen It All


That’s right … now you can buy fart deodorant pads.  I am not kidding.  A company by the name of Colonial Medical Assisted Devices is selling disposable underwear deodorant pads called ” Flat-D Flatulence Deoderizer “.

fart deodorant pads Flat-D Flatulence Deoderizer

The company recommends that the fart deodorant pad  be worn inside of your underwear, and be used daily or as needed. You can use the fart deodorant pad  with panty’s, briefs and panty hose. However, men using boxer shorts are in trouble and will continue stinking room’s up when they let one rip.  The Fart deodorant pad will not work with boxer style shorts.

So next time you are with a group of friends and someone rips one , instead of wondering who cut the cheese, you will be wondering who cut the “island breeze”.






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