Will America Reelect Obama?


Will we elect another black president

In 2008 the American people overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama, not just for his soaring “Hope & Change” message and rhetoric … but lets face it because he was black.  We all wanted to be part of the generation that elected the first black president. It was a historic event and one that we should all be proud of.  Go “Forward” 4 years and most Americans realize that we elected an incompetent fool, whose socialist ideology, has scorched our great land.  Has Obama’s incompetent stewardship of our country and his “race” politics turned off Americans on electing another black president?

Lets take a look at some of the failures and “red” flags of Obama’s presidency:

  • Refusing to prosecute the  Black Panthers for  voting rights violations and hate crimes
  • New Black Panther Obama DOJ refused to prosecute: “I hate white people – all of them!”
  • Making race relations worse – Most divisive president ever
  • Stimulus bill – which should be renamed the “democratic payback bill”
  • Debt Ceiling fiasco of 2011- Obama he refused any real plan that would cap the debt ceiling.
  • Allowing tax cheats in his administration; Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is one example
  • Allowing  Communists and Socialists in his administration: Van Jones, Carol Browner (Energy Czar/Director), Rosa Brooks (Senior advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Michele Flournoy), Ron Bloom (Manufacturing Czar) and the list goes on.
  • Worldwide apology tour
Blank Panthers Patrolling Philadelphia Voting Location

Blank Panthers Intimidating Voters In Philadelphia

The list is long and I could go on for hours.  The one thing he could have done was to make race relations in the U.S. better — instead he has made them worse.  So the question for all of us is will we ever elect another black president?

I hope so.  I hope Obama has not damaged race relations in the U.S. to the point that we will dismiss someone (again) for the color of their skin, religion, or nationality.  I just pray that the American people properly vet the next candidate and not get caught up in the rhetoric or the “coolness” of the moment.  We need true leaders and public servants to do represent us and run the government..  Lets leave the celebrities to Hollywood and keep them out of Washington D.C.






  • h2863

    This Indonesian born Muslim needs to go.

  • h2863

    You dont see these musheaded college students rallying Barack Hussein this time around. Guess they are to busy trying to earn their allowance from the parents they are living with. These people should be ashamed for being a part of this Cancer that is destroying our great country.


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