Extreme Cannibalism: Japanese Illustrator Cuts off Penis And Serves it in a Public Banquet

Extreme Cannibalism practitioner Mao Sugiyama cooked and ate his penis

Extreme Cannibal Mao Sugiyama cooked and ate his penis.

Miami Cannibal Attack, Canadian Psycho Cannibal Attack … would could possibly come next?  How about a form of extreme cannibalism called autocannibalism.  In april of this year, Mao Sugiyama, a Japanese illustrator from Tokyo, decided to have his genitalia surgically removed. If that was not bad enough (depending on your point of view) Mao had the surgeons put his penis and accessories (scrotum, balls etc) in a plastic baggie.  Hold on it gets even worse.  Mao Sugiyama then offered to sell his genitals  as a cooked meal, for $1.250).

Extreme Cannibalism: Mao Sugiyama removes his penis

Extreme Cannibalism: Mao Sugiyama’s surgically removed genitals in a plastic bag ready for cooking

Extreme Cannibalism: cook cuts up human penis for cooking

Mao Sugiyama cuts up his penis as he prepares it for cooking

Mao Sugiyama sent out the following tweet that started it all:

“Please retweet. I am offering my male genitals (full penis, testes, scrotum) as a meal for 100,000 yen…. I will prepare and cook as the buyer requests, at his chosen location.”

Sugiyama,  is a 22-year-old Japanese illustrator who wants to be completely asexual.  He wants to take his asexually to extreme levels and be able to wear transparent clothing and look gender neutral. So what do you do if what want to look asexual in transparent clothing — cut off you genitals of course.  To celebrate his (or it — not sure what you call Mao now) asexuality, offered to cook and serve the freshly removed gentials (penis and all) for $1,250.  Mao Sugiyama got six takers.

Extreme Cannibalism: Mao Sugiyama displays cooked penis

Fully cooked penis. it is almost time to eat penis Japanese style!


Extreme Cannibalism: Fully cooked penis is ready to eat

Penis Japanese style ready to eat. Bon Appétit!




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