New Miami Cannibal Attack! Is Florida Ground Zero for Face-Chewing Cannibal Zombies?


What is going on in Florida?  Is Florida ground zero for the “Zombie Apocalypse”?  I don’t know about you but next time I stroll down South Beach late at night I am going to have to equip myself with gun loaded  Z-Max Zombie Bullets.  Yesterday it was reported that a new face-chewing Cannibal was arrested in Naples Florida.  Luckily the authorities got to him before the latest Miami Cannibal did some real damage.

Miami Cannibal Attack New Cannibal Giovani Martinez

Miami Cannibal Giovani Martinez – After he was arrested for DUI, he tried to eat the nurse at the hospital

Giovani Martinez, 21, was arrested for DUI, and taken to the hospital.  At the hospital, Giovani tried to eat a nurse, attacked the staff, and threaten to eat their faces and rape their wives.  It is not sure if Giovani the Miami Cannibal wannabe was high on Bath Salts, he was however intoxicated at the time and admitted to have a few beers that night.


Rudy Eugene, the original Miami Zombie Cannibal and his victim Ronald Poppo


South Florida is developing a reputation for the Face Eaters Capital of the world and ground zero for the emergence of Zombie Cannibals in North America.  Over Memorial Day Weekend, Rudy Eugene, the South Beach Cannibal, attacked and fed viciously on Ronald Poppo, a homeless man.  Rudy Eugene emerged as the first true Zombie Cannibal out of Florida in 2012.


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