Swedish Cannibal Eats Wife’s Lips


It happened again … this time in Sweden.  Swedish medical researcher  is accused of cutting his wife’s lips off and then eating them. The “Swedish Cannibal” did this because he was jealous his wife was having an affair.  Dude what is wrong with you … I thought Sweden was all about free love.  Didn’t the best porn come out of Sweden?

Apparently the “Swedish Cannibal” cut his wife’s lips off and ate them so they could not be sewn back on her mouth.  So is this going to prevent the wife from giving someone oral after her “lipless” mouth heals?

Mr. Swedish Cannibal — I don’t know if you knocked out your wife’s teeth in the process .. but if you did.. she can now give full on gum jobs — a new first for the Swedish Sex industry.

Please send me a link to her first movie ” Hanna does Fjallbacka”

 Link to story

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