Bath Salts Cannibals, Bath Salts Zombies, and Now Bath Salts Perverts?


Shane Shuyler The Miami Bath Salts Pervert

It seems like Bath Salts are brining out the primal instants in folks that partake of the illicit designer drug.  The Miami Cannibal Zombie, The Louisiana Zombie Cannibal were both allegedly on Bath Salts now we learn that another North Miami Beach man high on Bath Salts lost it.  According to Police, a man believed to be on Bath Salts stripped  down to his birthday suit at a children’s playground and sexually threatened a 3 year old girl. Shane Shuyler, 40 years old, was lying on a park bench.  When a little girl and mother walked by, he stood up and approached the them reportedly saying, “Come here little girl, I want to stick it in you.”

Shane Shuyler The Miami Bath Salts pervert caught on tape exposing himself to la three year old girl.

Shane Shuyler joins the ranks of demented Bath Salts users and will be forever crowned the “Bath Salts Pervert.”  Can you imagine, talking your baby daughter to a park and some naked monkey high on Bath Salts walks over and and says to your daughter “Come here little girl, I want to stick it in you.”  WTF?  What is this world coming to?

If it was my daughter, I would have gone Headhunter Zombie on this lunatic and made him eat his own wiener.

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