Obama Girl Says No To Obama in 2012


Jilted Obama Lover Amber Lee Ettinger

In the words of Hall & Oats … “She’s gone…”   Amber Lee Ettinger, better known as the “Obama Girl” during the 2008 presidential campaign, said that she is not excited about Obama this election cycle.   Amber Lee Ettinger became a nationally known celebrity after starring in the sexually charged Youtube Video  “Crush on Obama.”  In the video Amber tells Obama that she will give him “head” of State and she wants no borders between herself and Obama.    Many analysts think that Amber Lee Ettinger The Obama Girl was the spark that touched off “Obamamania” and helped get Obama elected in 2008.

Obama Girl's Butt - The "Ass" that Shook up the Presidential election of 2008

“At this point I’m keeping that to myself,” she told TheDC. “If I’m not making videos, I’m not sure it’s anyone’s business who I’m voting for this time around.”
“I think in the next few months it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens,” Ettinger said. ”I’d like to get out there and see what the young voters think about both candidates… I might need to break out my flip cam and take a road trip.”

How about making a jilted lover video?

  • Obama broke all his promises
  • Obama has caused insufferable damage to the country
  • Obama can’t be trusted – all he knows how to do is lie and cheat
  • Obama does not deserve a second chance
  • Time for Obama Girl to move on and find a new lover

I think a video of the “jilted” Obama Girl throwing Obama under the bus would be funny and a logical follow-up to Obama Girl’s “Crush On Obama” 2008 video.




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