I Wanted The Miami Cannibal To Have My Baby


Future Flesh Eater Rudy Eugene Kisses His Girlfriend Yovanka Bryant

Before Rudy Eugene turned into the Miami Cannibal, he was in a relationship.   Yovanka Bryant, 27, was the Miami Zombie Cannibal’s girfriend.

Yovanka Bryant says her relationship with Eugene was revolved around their faith and devotion to religion and religious studies .  Ms Bryant claims that she and Rudy Eugene, loved to watch religious television shows together.  Ms. Bryant also claimed that the Miami Zombie Cannibal was a student of the Koran.

Gloria Allred and Yovanka Bryant Press conference. It was learned at the press conference that the Miami Cannibal liked religious TV Shows and Studied the Koran.

According to the Daily Mail:

“…Eugene was carrying a Bible with him before he stripped off all his clothes while walking three miles from Miami Beach to downtown Miami, Florida, in the scorching heat. He also studied the Koran, she added.  However, she harmed her own credibility when she said Eugene lived a clean life.  Rudy never drank alcohol or used drugs around me,’ Miss Bryant said.   Moments later, she revised her claim: ‘I only saw him smoke marijuana once,’ she admitted.


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