Louisiana Zombie Cannibal Attack! Bath Salts Zombie Eats Another Man’s Face


It happen again … this time in traditional zombie country … Louisiana. Cannibal Zombie attacks have  expanded to five  states (Florida, Maryland, New jersey, Connecticut and now Louisiana) as well as Canada.  I think it is time to admit the “Zombie Apocalypse” is upon us.

Carl Jacquneaux The Louisiana Zombie Cannibal

Carl Jacquneaux, 43, tore the flesh off the face of his neighbor with his teeth in a vicious attack. His neighbor, Todd Credeur, who was outside tending to his yard was the victim of the brutal cannibal zombie attack.

 Todd Credeur’s face after it was eaten by the Louisiana Zombie Cannibal

Todd Credeur, tried to defend himself from the Zombie Cannibal attack with wasp poison spray. Todd Credeur sprayed wasp poison in Carl Jacquneaux, the zombie cannibal’s face but it did not work.  Maybe Todd should have shot him with the new zombie killer bullets being sold at gun stores nationwide.

zombie Bullets — Guaranteed to Keep the Dead

Although the police did not test the Carl Jacquneaux the Louisiana zombie cannibal, they suspect based on his behavior and actions that he was hi on bath salts.

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