Pictures of Actual Murder Taking Place – Canadian Psycho Cannibal Luka Magnotta Kills and Cuts Up Jun Lin


The following are extreme pictures that show Luka Magnotta killing Jun Lin.  The pictures show how insane the Canadian Psycho Cannibal is as he repeatedly stabs the poor victim Jun Lin with an Ice pick.  Mognotta mailed some of the body parts to political offices and schools.  The Montreal Cannibal’s actions and and the fact that he recorded the execution and dismemberment of Jun Lin, will go down in the annals of criminology as one of the most documented  heinous  acts ever committed by a human being.  Folks this goes beyond sick.

All the warning signs were there with Luka Magnotta, especially when he abused animals.  On two occasions that we know of, Luka Magnotta the Canadian Psycho Cannibal killed kittens for his amusement.  The first time, he put kittens in a plastic bag and watched them suffocate.  The second time, he fed a poor kitten to a hungry python.  There is no rehabilitating a monster like Luka Magnotta.  He should be tried and executed as quickly as possible so God can deal with him in his own way.


Crime Photos by Luka Magnotta, the Canadian Psycho Cannibal – Part 1 



Magnotta The Canadian Psycho Cannibal Starts to stab Jun Lin with an ice pick

Jun Lin’s chest full of holes after Magnotta, the Canadian Psycho Cannibal stabbed him repeatedly with an ice pick

Click Here for more Pictures – Part 2


Links to articles Luka Magnotta might have read at the Berlin Internet Cafe

Cannibal Attack Victim Was Chinese

Montreal Cannibal Luka Magnotta Fed Kitten To A Snake

Your Arm is In The Mail – Porn Star Sends Body Parts In Canada By Mail





  • bsmonitor

    No psycho here, just another f-g.

  • Lukman64832555

    can i try it on you….luka ..please

  • Argon

    When Magnotta starts to stab in the Video, the victim is already dead. You can see the wholes in the body before  stabbing. Maybe Mag cut the scene when Lin jun get death cause of extrem brutality or maybe the victim reacts in a way he does not want to present…The question why Mag. cut the video on this important part maybe will clearing in his process…


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