Pictures of Actual Murder Taking Place – Canadian Psycho Cannibal Luka Magnotta Kills and Cuts Up Jun Lin – Part 2


The following are extreme pictures that show Luka Magnotta killing Jun Lin. The pictures show how insane the Canadian Psycho Cannibal is as he repeatedly stabs the poor victim Jun Lin with an Ice pick. Mognotta mailed some of the body parts to political offices and schools.  The Montreal Cannibal’s actions and and the fact that he recorded the execution and dismemberment of Jun Lin, will go down in the annals of criminology as one of the most documented heinous acts ever committed by a human being. Folks this goes beyond sick.

All the warning signs were there with Luka Magnotta, especially when he abused animals. On two occasions that we know of, Luka Magnotta the Canadian Psycho Cannibal killed kittens for his amusement. The first time, he put kittens in a plastic bag and watched them suffocate. The second time, he fed a poor kitten to a hungry python. There is no rehabilitating a monster like Luka Magnotta. He should be tried and executed as quickly as possible so God can deal with him in his own way.


Crime Photos by Luka Magnotta, the Canadian Psycho Cannibal – Part 2


Magnotta,the Canadian Psycho Cannibal begins to cut up the leg of Jun Lin



Magnotta Canadian Psycho Cannibal starts to cut off the arm of Jun Lin


Magnotta Canadian Psycho Cannibal completely cuts off the arm of Jun Lin


Luka Magnotta video of the alleged killing and dismemberment of Jun Lin.  Be warned … it is disturbing.

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  • Steevesud2

    pourvu qu’il tombe sur un taré comme lui en prison

  • Julia_li

    Omfg I feel like puking!

  • Satan was in controls…….

  • Neechee M

    please remove this i have never seen something so disturbing and inhuman / it should be banned by law all over he is not to be manifested but condemn 

    • Konkokris

      Some of us like to see this stupid shit, don’t look at it.  You know it’s going to be fucked up just by reading about it.

      • Shut up you stupid motherfucker.

        • TARA SATURA

          tu as raison BOB ils sont tous a pleurer a gerber comment peut on .Et tout les medias de la planette parle de cette video qui tourne et tous explique ce qu il y a dessus non,?alors si on c est tous pressipites pour la trouver .ce n est pas pour voir un episode des simsons(meme sous CRACK)et de presiser ce beau jeune homme gentil est bien eleve????Pourquoi vous le connaissez???Mais meme  sur un pouilleux affreux et salopard ca aurait ete aussi HARDCORE 

  • this made me throw up and cry.

  • Konjokris

    Not as nasty as I thought, but what was this guy thinking?  What causes people to do this fucked up shit?
    It was kind of sad seeing him alive and tied up knowing he was doomed to death.  Crazy shit.

  • asirois

    So sad for Jun Lin and his family. He was a great boy, lovely and always smiling according to his friends and parents. How comes that adorable people like him cannot find the loving and caring partner they deserve in our country, and finish their life miserably in the hands of a crazy bag of shit like this Magnotta? We must reach out to gay people from foreign countries living in canada in order to prevent other horrible cases like this in the future, otherwise Jun Lin will be dead for nothing.

    Rest in peace dear Jun Lin, we’ll never forget your great suffering and untimely death.

    • tara satura


  • CalmeToi

    stupid mother fucker you don’t have any respect

  • This is horrible! I had to stop watching, we really live in a very sad and disturbing world. I pray that his family or friends did not watch this video and that he R.I.P. no one deserves to die like that. 
    And I hope this guy rots in jail.

  • is this the original video?
     the victim didn’t even flinch when luka first assaulted him. so… i think the video cut off during the actual murder. the song didn’t stop though, weird >.> 

  • JadeCronkrite

    What if the family see’s this? It would just kill them even more ? Should be removed!

  • But i did watched! I’m his brother. I shall never forget that murderer!

  • This makes me realize how fucked up this world is.

  • Joel DeWit

    Why the F*** is this even allowed to be watched? Go take medicine if you want to see people chopped up! Go to a museum of the dead where people respectfully donate thier bodies. I watched maybe 20 seconds of the video, but stopped because it is awful and i will not condone this fetishist voyeurism. I only wish I could wipe away every tear from Jun Lin’s family, and I wish i could have loved known Jun Lin to spare him from this death, and show him true love.


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