Canadian Psycho Cannibal Caught In Berlin Internet Cafe Looking up Stories about Himself!


Luka Magnotta, the Montreal Cannibal  who butchered and ate his Chinese lover was caught in Berlin today after a global manhunt.

According to the Daily Mail

  • Luka Rocco Magnotta was arrested in Helin Tele and Internet Cafe on Karl-Marx-Strasse this morning.
  • The café was raided shortly after 11.30am after he was recognised by Kadir Anlayisli
  • Magnotta was pinned to the floor and handcuffed without offering any resistance.
  • He was searching the internet for articles about his alleged crimes when  caught.

Internet Cafe In Berlin Where Luka Magnotta the Canadian Cannibal Was Arrested

The café was raided by armed police shortly after 11.30am after he was recognized ..  Magnotta was pinned to the floor and handcuffed without offering any resistance.  Eyewitnesses said armed officers asked the suspect ‘Are you the wanted man?’ and he responded ‘Yes, that’s me,’ he said. A man at the internet cafe who described himself as the ‘boss’ but who would not give his name , confirmed Magnotta had been there.
‘Then the cops came and it was all over for him,’ he said.

Link to arrest story

As you might already know, Luka the Porn Star Cannibal killed and ate his lover. His his victim was his gay Chinese lover, Jun Lin.  Cannibal Luka Magnotta killed and ate Jun Lin and then mailed his chinese leftovers to local politicians in Montreal.

Jun Lin Chinese Lover Cannibal Luka Magnotta

Luka Magnotta The Canadian Cannibal not only made a snuff film of the Lin murder and feast, but he also made a “Pet” snuff film where he fed a baby kitten to a python snake.  Jun Lin’s torso was found in the apartment while parts of his body were mailed to politicians in Ottawa, including the prime minister’s party headquarters.A ten minute videotape purporting to record the horrific crime was posted online, showing a man stabbing his naked and bound victim with an ice pick.  The attacker then hacks him to pieces and eats part of his flesh. In the video snuff film, Luka Magnotta has sex with the dead Jun Lin. J

Jun Lin’s missing foot and hand are believed to the human remains that were received by  two schools in Vancouver. Police said they could not immediately confirm if the body parts in question were the missing extremities of Chinese student Jun Lin.  Luka Magnotta mailed Jun Lin’s other hand and foot  last week when they were mailed to Canada’s top political parties.

Link to the story

College student Jun Lin before he was hacked to death by the Canadian Psycho


Crime Scene Photos

Canadian Cannibal Psycho Crime Scene Photo

Bloody Refrigerator Inside Canadian Psycho Cannibal Luka Magnotta's Apartment in Montreal


Canadian Psycho Cannibal Luka Magnotta's Bloody "Kill Bed" In His Apartment

Picture of Decapitated Jun Lin From Luka Magnotta Psycho Cannibal Snuff Video

Click Here for More Crime Scene Photos *** Warning *** Photos are Extreme 

Links to articles Luka Magnotta might have read at the Berlin Internet Cafe

Cannibal Attack Victim Was Chinese

Montreal Cannibal Luka Magnotta Fed Kitten To A Snake

Your Arm is In The Mail – Porn Star Sends Body Parts In Canada By Mail






  • Dmospanov

    ugh, he was not a lover, he was a foren exchange student, check your facts and confirm before spreding the news for other sources which will also mess up. The chinese student was straight and never even knew his killer. 

  • Simon

    Just because of one incident everyone is trying to make a scene to make us think there’s gonna be a zombie apocalypse. 

    • LVCNJ

      Actually there have been at least three cases reported in the national news over the last few weeks.  Not just cases but extreme cases.  The Miami Cannibal Zombie (ate victim’s face), the Hackensack zombie (who threw his intestines at police after he cut them out), and the Maryland cannibal zombie that killed and ate his roommate. this is just over the last few weeks.  If it is not a zombie apocalypse — it is certainly the summer of the zombie cannibal!

      • LeeLu13

        Wow I knew about the Florida thing, but that dude was jacked up on PCP or something I didn’t know about the Hackensack or the Maryland… It is kinda creepy to think about, but Cannibalism is more common then people think it is. 

  • Naynaycutler9

    why would any person want to do that?like what did jun lin do to luka to make him KILL HIM???i hope he rots in jail.

  • memyself

    The mattresses are not the same in these photos. They have a different pattern.

  • What was wrpng with him
    poor guy!
    Put that luka in jail for ever~


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