Zombie Apocalypse – Are Bath Salts Sparking The Cannibal Epidemic?


Zombie Apocalypse? Is it finally happening?  Could Bath Salts be the trigger that turns a person in a flesh eating Cannibal zombie?  It might.  Bath Salts is a designer drug that contains a synthetic compound called  Alpha-PVP.  Health officials say the drugs mimic the effects of  cocaine.  Bath salts affects users in many ways such as increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, hallucinations, paranoia and aggressive behavior. with some users, bath salts trigger extremely aggressive behavior.  The drug is snorted, smoked or injected.  Users of Bath Salts are typically men ages 15-24 in urban areas who frequent clubs.

Bath Salts cases are being reported all over the country.  Last year over 37 states reported to the DEA cases of Bath Salts poisoning.  There have been several documented cases where bath salts have been the source of a rare flesh-eating disease outbreak.

It is possible that bath salts trigger a zombie cannibal response in certain individuals that take it causing them to act like zombie cannibals snapping like a wild animal at anything that is near them and craving human flesh as was the case with the Miami Cannibal.  We have not seen or heard the last of bath salts and cannibals.  Maybe bath salts are the trigger that launches the Zombie cannibal apoclypse.

Gallery Of Zombies and Cannibals


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  • Jasonator2009

    so take it off the market!

    • LVCNJ

      I think 30 some odd states have done that —- this one sounds like it triggers serious violent reactions in some folks.  Most of us that grew up in the 60’s and 70’s for the most part were exposed to drug use and most survived — the problem is that today — the chemistry and science has gotten so much better and technology has made it easier to create or harvest drugs that are exponentially much more potent (and dangerous) that those available 30 years ago.

    • your not ready for the market life bitch

  • this is so,…..macabre bizarre and insane in every way

    hard to believe


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