Miami Cannibal 911 Calls Released – Witnesses Call Police as The Zombie Cannibal Fed


Several of the 911 calls witnesses made to police regarding the Miami zombie cannibal attack were release by police.  The South Beach Cannibal Rudy Eugene, was shot and killed by police after he savagely attacked and ripped the flesh from a 65 year-old homeless man by the name of Ronald Poppo.  During the attack the South Beach Cannibal ate 75% of Poppo’s face including and eye and his nose.

Eugene The south Beach Cannibal’s mother said in an interview that her son was not a zombie and that he did not deserve to die.  They could have just tased him instead of killing him, Eugene the south Beach Cannibal’s mother said to reporters.

Miami Cannibal Attack 911 Call

Eugene the south Beach Canninal was shot dead by police when he refused to stop eating Ronald Poppo and began to growl at the police.

Crime Scene Photo of Miami Cannibal attack with both victims


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