Marco Rubio Obama’s Worst Nightmare?


Marco Rubio, the next Vice President of the United States

If Marco Rubio is offered and accepts the Vice President position, I think politics will be changed in this country and the world for the next 16 years. Marco Rubio is Obama’s “Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda” nightmare scenario. Marco Rubio has that Ronald Reagan quality that transcends party lines and appeals to libs, moderates and hard conservatives while maintaining and staying true to conservative principals. He can talk to you about issues and solutions that are deeply rooted in conservative values without without allianting large voting blocks. Marco Rubio proves that you can be a true conservative and stand for conservative values without coming across as a nut job ( to the majority of the electorate )

  • I believe that a Romney/Rubio ticket will win convincingly
  • Rubio will serve two terms as president giving republicans control of the White House for 16 years.
  • The legislative landscape will change dramatically with conservative wins in down stream elections
  • Minorities will finally be free to leave the plantation

Marco Rubio represents political armageddon as far as the left goes and they will try everything to character assassinate him. I do not believe the left will be successful against a Romney/Rubio ticket.




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