Cannibal Mingled with South Beach Tourists Before Eating Man’s Face


Creepy … very creepy. It turns out that Rudy Eugene really was the South Beach Cannibal.  Hours before the Miami Cannibal encountered Ronald Poppo and ate  nearly 75 percent of his face, the Miami Cannibal spent the morning cruising South Beach in his purple sedan.  Rudy was hanging with tourists in Miami for the  Urban Beach Weekend.

Purple Car The Miami Cannibal Used To Cruise South Beach

The police have tried to piece together a timeline of the South Beach Cannibal’s activities before he ate Robert Poppo.

2 AM:  Eugene the Cannibal  was at his girlfriend’s house in Miami Gardens. She told police he was acting strange going through his clothes and her clothes. He left his girlfriend’s house  and drove to a friend’s house in NW Miami-Dade.

6 AM: The Miami Cannibal left his friend’s and went to  Miami Beach to check the scene at Urban Beach Weekend, where 200 thousand people had gathered to party for Memorial day.

Police know he was in Miami Beach at the Urban Beach Weekend because they found his car there.

Rudy Eugene Mingled with Tourists at the Urban Music Festival In Miami

6am – 2pm  — timelines gets fuzzy — but the Miami Cannibal walked about three miles to the Causeway where he encountered Ronald Poppo, a 68 year old homeless man.

Around 2pm the Miami Cannibal began feeding.  He ripped the clothes off of Ronald Poppo and began tearing at his flesh and eating him.

Shortly there after, the Miami Zombie was shot dead by police and his flesh eating feast ended.


So .. Eugene the Cannibal was cruising South Beach before lunch … WaZaap with that?

He was checking out the menu before decided on who to eat … that’s Wazaap with that!

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