Picture of the Miami Cannibal


Miami Cannibal Rudy Eugene

The Police have released a picture of Rudy Eugene, the South Beach Cannibal who was shot by police as he was feeding on the face of a homeless man while high on a new potent form of LSD.

The photo of Rudy Eugene, is an old police mugshot. His victim is listed in serious condition in a Miami hospital today suffering from some of the worst injuries staff had ever encountered.

A cyclist who witnessed the attack said he saw a naked man tear pieces of flesh from another man’s face at the side of a freeway before being shot dead by police when he refused to stop.
Larry Vega described the cannibal feeding on the homeless man as ‘the most gruesome, traumatic thing I have ever seen in my life’.

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A Cannibal in Miami … WaZaap with that?

Maybe Tama Janowitz should revive Mgungu Yabba Mgungu from her book “A Cannibal in Manhattan” and give him a South Beach vacation … That’s WaZaap with that!


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Picture of the Miami Cannibal

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