White Voters Abandoning Obama?


Does Obama have issues with white voters this election cycle?  Maybe so according to Democratic pollster Doug Schoen.  In a recent interview, Doug Schoen tells Newsmax TV that Americans have “real doubts” about President Obama’s leadership.

When Doug Schoen was sked why the president has been unable to improve his numbers among white voters, Schoen said, “I think there is a real question among white swing voters whether the president really is on their side, understands their concerns, and has an agenda to advance their interests.”

White voters not coming back and supporting the first black president of the United states which they helped put in office …  WaZaap with that?

Well the fact is that the president’s divisive rhetoric and tactics are working.  Folks (white, black, Hispanic etc) all feel divided and isolated.  That is a turn-off for most moderate voters regardless of color or ethnicity.  that’s WaZaap with that!

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