Almost Half of U.S. Households Receive Government Assistance


According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal, 49.1%: percent of the population that lives in a household has at least one member receiving some type of government benefit in the first quarter of 2011. This number is substantially higher than the  30% number recorded for the early 1980s.  In another article published by the Standard, it charts entitlement expenditures over the last decade.  The data shows that 65 percent of federal expenditures went to pay for entitlements. The problem is a simple one, as government spending increases you need to figure out ways to pay for it. Either you increase taxes or reduce the deficit .

Almost 50% of all household are on the government dole.  WaZaap with that?

Well as soon as we cross the 50% mark it will mean that the United States has turned into a society where the majority will be getting entitlements from the government.  People will end up voting for those politicians who promise more.  Heck wouldn’t you vote for the guy that will give you the best pay raise for not working?  That’s WaZaap with that!

Link to WSJ story

Link to the Standard story






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