Romney Leads Obama In Florida By 6 Points


The state of florida provided a bit on Sunshine on Mitt Romney and casted a long shadow of doubt on President Obama. According to a Quinnipiac Poll released today, Romney leads Obama by a whopping 6 points.  However, if you read how the liberal media is reporting it .. they are calling it a “slight edge”.  In March, the same poll should Obama ahead in Florida by 7 which the liberal media called a “substatial” lead.

So if Romney is up by 6 it is called a “slight” edge.  If Obama is up by 7 that is called a substantial lead.  WaZaap with that?

It is called looking at the world through liberal colored lenses where a 1 point difference is “substantial” for one party and a “slight” edge for the other.  That’s WaZaap with that!


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