Obama a Tea Party Member?


Say what?  Yep your heard right.  Here is a picture of Obama from 1997 Yes, that is Barack Obama wearing a regimental coat and carrying a tricorn hat in his hand. And that flag behind him really is a Gadsden flag, with its serpent and its “Don’t Tread On Me” slogan.

“..In 1997, Obama was beginning his first term as a state senator in Illinois. He and his fellow politicians were asked to lead the “4th on 53rd” parade, which is Hyde Park’s 4th of July celebration–one not too different from many other places in America, it turns out. All the politicians who attended were expected to dress the part. The Herald even published a story the week before, on July 2nd, confirming in advance that Obama would be “wearing colonial attire…”

Obama the first “Teabagger” President? WaZaap with that?

No. More like the first Chicago “bagman” to become President.  That’s WaZaap with that!

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